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Warning: readers who read Sable Rose's books tend to turn into avid fans! Sable Rose is a romance writer and the author of sensual, erotic and fantasy romances as well as romantic suspense novels.

Her books feature outspoken, independent and intelligent women who know what they want (and what they don't want), and who are not afraid to make the first move to get their man, if they have to. Their men are always swoon-worthy hunks, each a blend of naughty and nice that women find so irresistible.

Sable Rose
The Unhinged Romance Series

You're a young woman. Your younger brother is pissed with you because you're sleeping with his best friend and room-mate and your billionaire dad who controls your purse strings has given you an ultimatum to end the affair or else...

a 28 year old conventional, former model, used to pleasing daddy, falls for a hot, 25 year old, chocolate-eyed stud, her younger's brother's room-mate - of all things - which totally upsets her carefully-ordered life and threatens to rip her relationship with her family into shreds.

Unhinged by his White Heat

Book 1

What if you finally meet the perfect guy who treats you the way you want to be treated but the catch is that he can leave town at any time, and even worse, he has a dark secret?

With her punk haircut and ‘black is the new black’ attire, she knows she's cut out for a more exciting career, than working in a - yawn - tech outfit... like investigating the murder of a teenage girl and taking down an underage prostitution ring. As for her love-life, well, she's confidently awaiting the glorious return of her ex-fiancé, until she comes face-to-face with a white-skinned, ex-marine, with a hungry stare that promised unlimited carnal pleasures.

You know you shouldn't fall for him. He's a bad boy, maybe a killer, and he appears to have slept with every attractive woman in your city. But, gosh, he's so hot, you can't help yourself.

Strong-willed, ambitious media executive Tari Johnson believes that men are good for just a few things but definitely not for falling in love. Until she sets her eyes on playboy Adonis Steven Braithwaite, private security agent and co-owner of Olympus Security, bachelor of bachelors.

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Unhinged by his Dark Fire

Book 2

Unhinged by his Fiery Touch

Book 3

Unhinged by Him


Welcome our sexy heroes and heroines from the Unhinged Trilogy romance novels as they come together for the very first time in one book, Unhinged by Him, for a heart-pounding and pulse-racing adventure that makes
for one steamy, unmissable read.

A one-of-a-kind fashion show in Nigeria's capital city, Abuja is targeted by suicide bombers
and the elite agents of Olympus Security have only a few hours to save the day and foil the terrorists' dastardly plans. But
this potentially explosive situation is eclipsed by the fiery heat our three passionate couples manage to generate all on
their own.

Welcome to Sable Rose's Erotic Romance Books

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Pleasing Xavier,

Book 1, Adoring Angels Trilogy

This inexperienced executive assistant bites off more than she can chew, working with her hotter than hot, well-hung boss who may or may not be an angel...

A divorcee and single mother develops a craving for a younger, sexy male escort...

Make Me Over

Give in to Sin

A free-spirited young woman seduces a gorgeous, strait-laced ex-seminarian male model...

New Exciting Titles

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